Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

Karin Murphy

“I just want you to know how much we appreciate this really lovely, beautiful mailing that we’re able to provide our bereaved. I consistently hear over and over again how meaningful the grief series is, and how helpful it is, and I just want to pass that along to you - because it is certainly a relief and a comfort for me to feel we’re reaching as many people as possible, especially those who might not want to receive phone support or come to a support group.

I really appreciate being able to partner with you and to share this really helpful information. It makes us feel proud to share the Hope Through Healing grief series with our families!”

Karin Murphy, LPC,CT-T,GC-C
Bereavement Coordinator

“We are very pleased with the Hope Through Healing™ series. It is gently presented in a reassuring and supportive manner. The colors are warm and give a peaceful feeling, yet it is very professional.”
J. Day, RN BC, Grand View Hospital Hospice

“They are so easy to use! I love that I can personalize them using my own words.”
Stacy Randall, Horizon Hospice

"Thank you so much for these amazing letters.  We have had such positive feedback since switching to them a year ago."      Tessa Washington,  Calvert Hospice

“The Hope Through Healing™ series has been a great part of our after-care program. Our clients really appreciate the mailings and it shows the families that we are still thinking of them.”
Wes Burkhart, VP, Thompson-Larson Funeral Home

“Excela Health Hospice is dedicated to providing support to the many family members and caregivers who have journeyed with a loved one. We feel the Hope Through Healing Publications provide us with another tool that is well directed and very timely for those in our care.”
Excela Health Hospice

Families share their comments:

"Each one is like gold to me."

"They give me hope, and truth, and inspiration."

“They were so compelling. I read them right at the mailbox.”

“Not too many. Just enough to give me the emotional boost I needed.”

“They are so beautiful. I tape them to the refrigerator for the rest of the family to read.”

“Because each one was so short in length, they didn’t make me feel overwhelmed.”

“My family and I did the holiday celebration. It was wonderful. I felt we were a family again.”


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