The template works so you don’t have to! A template is simply a white piece of paper with your information either hand written or typed in a place that will not imprint over words or photos already on the product. To personalize, load the issues you are mailing into the paper tray of your copier - our instructions will help you to prevent copying on the wrong side or upside down. Next, place your template face down on the glass of the copier and press start. Each month, your entire mailing can be personalized right in your office. Then, either place in an envelope or fold, tab closed, label and mail. It’s that easy!

Just 3 easy to follow steps.

1. Issue
Load into copier.


Fill out template.

template 2

Issue fold and mail

template 3

Call us for free template samples or free phone support to help you transform this product to suit your program’s needs. A simple template can transform any of our issues into your organization’s invitation to support groups, your annual memorial service, or as a handout for your grief groups.

Each month, whether mailing 10 or 1000, the template makes updating your communication simple. And, no more labels to cover changes in your address or other information. Your inventory always remains fresh!

Religious organizations can convey specific spiritual messages to their bereaved. Chaplains and pastoral counselors have a unique opportunity to type or hand write their own spiritual words of comfort on the product.

Call or email us if you would like a quote on custom imprinting and folding.

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Call or Email today for a free sample set!
We will enclose a sample template with your information imprinted
on several of the Hope Through Healing™ issues.