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Holiday | Children | Baby Loss | Suicide (2 issues available) 


Dealing with the holidays for the first time is made less difficult with this popular issue which offers ideas that comfort and reduce stress. A special candle ceremony is an opportunity for a celebration of life.


When we help the children, everyone benefits. This issue is designed to give the parents or guardians of children experiencing a loss, the tools to guide the children through their grief with age appropriate suggestions.

It reflects on the differences between adult grief and child grief with ideas on how to talk to them and answer their questions. Send in the first week.


Baby Loss
For mothers and others who have lost their baby at birth or during pregnancy. When memories of the little one are so few, healing from grief seems far more difficult. How many children do they now say they have? This issue offers help and healing.

Send within 2 weeks.


Our Baby Loss Series

We now offer a complete series for followup during the first year of baby loss.  While parents may be trying to become pregnant again, their loss is still fresh and could benefit from your support.  Call for more information.


Suicide (2 issues available)
When suicide tears a family apart and friends are left out of the loop, fear and stress run high for all involved. Each issue offers ideas for finding support and using available communication tools to aid healing.

Suicide 1: Feelings

Find ways to continue loving them; alone and with family and friends. Send at 1 week.


Suicide 2: Understanding
Discusses some common emotions of those trying to cope with this difficult loss. Includes insights from real survivors. Offers suggestions on dealing with the note if there was one. Send at 2 weeks.