Each issue is beautiful and soothing, offering small bites of information, a little at a time, throughout that first year; feeding their hurting heart what it needs, when it needs it.

Hope Through Healing is a beautiful full color mailing series on grief and loss, offering your bereaved a scheduled, concise overview of loss in a soothing presentation.  Customize each issue prior to mailing with our unique template feature!        This allows your local information to be added directly onto the series. No need to create additional paperwork for your families to receive.

CLICK HERE TO LEARN  how to use your basic office copier to turn each issue into your company's own communication tool.

Managers check out these great benefits!

  • Hospice & JCAHO surveyors love this product! It’s easy to track, while offering a comprehensive yet concise grief overview.
  • Families report that they read and share this product with others; a greater value for your effort!
  • A great public relations tool.
  • This beautiful series provides an advantage over your competition in the eyes of your referral sources.
  • Imprint your logo directly onto your template,then onto the series.
  • Provides consistency for multiple locations.
  • Your professional image is instantly enhanced.
  • Spanish available for compliance with new regulations, along with 10 other languages. Call for our Foreign Language Order Form.
  • The imprint space provided can be used as a calendar, an agenda handout, a newsletter,  a substitute for sympathy cards, or even an invitation for support groups, memorial services, and other important bereavement gatherings without adding to the paper work your families receive.
  • It’s affordable!                                                                              Your per family per year cost is less than $6.00!

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