Hope Through Healing™ is a simple to use,
well received, 6 part grief mailing series, that will
make your bereavement follow-up program easy.
Each issue provides your bereaved a scheduled,
concise overview of grief, while helping them through this difficult time.  The helpful content is presented in a beautiful, soothing, yet readable format.

They will treasure each and every one!

Budget friendly, this series will please both you and your managers.  Time saved by organizing your outreach, is time spent with patients and families.

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Before you mail, add your customized message in the blank areas provided.

This beautiful, full color product can easily be personalized in the blank spaces provided on the front side of each issue.  Use any plain office copier and
a simple template.

We can show you how.

Whether mailing out 1 or 100, add your comforting message, grief group dates and times, or other information, fresh, each month, with ease, imprinting on the front of the full color product.

We can provide free templates or show you how easy it is to make your own.    We also offer personalization and folding by our in-house print shop.

Call us for pricing and details.

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Helping the bereaved can be a challenge. People are often grieving alone in our communities.  While social media can help, it can also hurt, since relationships are not perfect.  Some people even avoid or ignore bereaved people, not knowing what to say.  Books and tapes are lengthy and are often put aside, as concentration is in a fragile state.

Our research shows that grieving people are helped more profoundly when they read about common reactions to grief, as they experience them.

The Hope Through Healing™ series offers this support by providing short, readable content that is time-sensitive to common stages in the mourning process.

Our bereavement series gets read!
Each issue is beautiful and soothing, offering small bites of information, a little at a time, throughout that first year; feeding their hurting heart what it needs, when it needs it.




We are happy to hear from individuals, families and healthcare professionals about our Grief Mail Series. Take a look at some of the wonderful and caring words people have shared with us.

We welcome yours as well!

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